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Enjoying your blog, which I wouldn't have know about were it not for EA ;) I like that it's got more depth and analysis than a lot of the info-snacks I usually read.

Thanks, Adriel. Please enjoy the meals as I serve them up. FYI - you can find a lot of fluff at my Tumblr.

If you're dropping by, someone with your social media expertise should really enjoy the laughs provided by my lack of computer skills. Notice the 'retweet this' button in the top left corner of my blog - How can I not find a way to actually connect this widget to the blog posts themselves?!!!

I'm envious of you computer people!

Polly, I second Adriel's comment - I really enjoyed the more in depth analysis that you provide in this article. It's great to see someone delving deeper into the different aspects of Empire Avenue. It shows that you really give serious thought to your writing. Keep up the good work!

DARING, I really appreciate it. I think I received my first bit of EA hate mail last night so this comment cheers me up!

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