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Right now, Alberta's political scene is depressingly dysfunctional. And if you are part of a population that doesn't have a big political voice, you're fundamentally screwed.

The Stelmachites have gone after every population with no political clout they can think of.

While the individual opposition MLAs have done their level best, the fact is that there are too few of them to really be heard.

... and this is exactly the path that Harper's politics of divisiveness is trying to drag the federal scene down.

Alberta politics are in a deluge, as a socialist in the province I too know the pain of the toxicity found within the left, like the Christian church, we tend to eat our own and our young if you will.
Yet it is when we remain silent that the perpetuation of the situation continues.
I would encourage you to not do as many and walk away, but work towards a better world. Perhaps a smaller party where your voice and work would be appreciated?

MgS, I agree the individual MLAs do there best. I think Mason and Notely are basically superhuman with the work they have done.

I also feel that we are entering into a time and coming election when the NDP has it's best chance in years...this is why the organizational issues are so frustrating. They let old time members harass others to the point that new people leave. In Calgary, most of the candidates are drawn of the NDYA. This would be OK if they did have a strong presence in the community...but, in my experience, some want the glory of candidacy but don't want to do work between elections...People want to vote for someone over 25. They want to vote for someone who knows the struggles that the labour party is committed to addressing.

Ty, I am open to suggestions and always looking to engage with both informal and formal political groups. I don't need my work recognized in a big this point, having someone with the courtesy to return an email would be a step in a better direction.

The ANDP has to demand a certain level of professionalism from members and engagement from so-called candidates, otherwise people like myself will walk away...they are not meeting the standards I experience in academia and community work and I don't want to be mistreated anymore let alone waste my time and money.

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