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Joanne, if you review the minutes of the Board of Governors and did any research you'd see that I did vote against the tuition increase with the other student reps.

Thanks for spending so much time writing this post though. Just do a little fact checking first.

I admit to not spending a lot of time on the post. I do not have the time to match your mindless crusade.

You have never challenged the media report before - why now?

I know that you think protest is "uncivilized."
I know that you LAG on as an unelected rep.
I know that in spite of being against the CFS, you CANNOT articulate a vision for the students' movement other than pandering to elected officials about our value as commodities for the knowledge economy.

I know that the motions you are presenting at the AGM were not sent out to students. You seek to push your personal agenda; you make little effort to engage in open discussion nor do you seek the feedback of the populace.

You are neither a member of the Executive nor an elected representative.

Good luck on your "CFS Adventure." You're a real sleuth.

Are you misquoted in this article?

"We can't yell and scream about it anymore because it doesn't get us anywhere," said David Coletto, graduate student president.

Some of us believe that raising our voices and making demands is exactly what we have to do - although I suppose that is consistent with your personal political career goals.

Joanne, I did say that to the Herald. However, while I did vote against the tuition increase, the GSA believed that working with the admin would get grad students more. The result = a $1.1 million increase in grad funding. A 10% increase. A doubt a protest would have engaged Harvey and Alan in the same way. You're against the system. I don't like the system. The difference - i'd rather see small improvements in grad student status then fight the man and get zippo.

Matt and I were appointed by the duly elected executive to represent the GSA at this meeting. Although, in hindsight they should have sent you. You would fit in real well here.

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