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Well, sure, and have you thought about the mermaid silhouette? way can sell wedding dresses, of course...


I confess that I watched the show rather religiously until I moved recently. And I'm a gal who grew up as a tomboy and had no interest in weddings and all that jazz.

I was married for about a minute and a half during my 30s. Funny. When I was packing last month I found my wedding video and was judging my dress based on Say Yes to the Dress. It was a steal: $180 on sale. But it was nice. I wouldn't wear the same style again - not that I have any wedding prospects in my vicinity anyway. Nor do I want any!

I'll give you one tip though: have the wedding you want if you can. Whether it's a tropical getaway (which we should have done) or whatever suits your fancy - try not to skimp too much or you may regret it. I'm not into spending tens of thousands - that's ridiculous, afaic. But make it nice and make it work for you. And make it unique.

Okay, that was more than one tip.

I forgot to add that I'm a Virgo - a natural born critic. So, it's no wonder that shows that like attract me.

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