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Wonderful words, the start of another journey. Thanks, I needed this.

"We should all burst into tears after 20 minutes in a giant mall "
This is something that happens to me whenever I'm dragged to big-box or mall-type places. Now people know better: do not take kitty to IKEA/HomeDepot/CrappyTire with you unless you want her to have a heaving panic attack in the middle of the store!

Life is an overwhelmingly sad place to hang your hat sometimes. Here's to you & the exhilaration of new places, people and stories. Best wishes!

Thanks, Toe. I feel so disconnected these days' it's nice to feel this entry resonated with someone.

That was an excellent anecdote in the Tyee article, GD. I also hate malls and always thought I was the abnormal one...! All the best to you as well...and it was nice to see you around here.

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