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My brief experience of Alberta, when I was studying at UA, was of a place where friendships are easily formed, people are open rather than secretive and yes, there's a sense of we're all in this together. The neocon stereotype of Albertans has nothing in common with the countless Albertans I met.

That's nice to hear...I hear mixed feedback from my colleagues at graduate school who are from another province or country. The consensus, however, seems to be that the people are not a reflection of the image of the region in the media.

Just as an aside, I really like your blog...and actually I just went to check it out again and this podcast project "Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the front" looks absolutely amazing...

I know where I'll be spending some of my web time tonight/tomorrow.

Enjoyed your posting. You always have something substantive to say. Of course, I rarely agree with you as to the methods you propose.

In reading your post I had to wonder:
was your condition an emergency? In an ideal world wouldn't a trip to a local clinic have sufficed? and have been cheaper and more timely? and equally effective?

Obviously I was thinking affirmatively of the above. So then I have to ask myself, would greater expenditures in public health care bring about such a situation? ... I think not. Massive spending increases would almost certainly be swallowed up by wage increases (as historically proven).

So, I suppose I am saying that I would love to support you and Friends of Health Care, but can't.

In an ideal world I would like to see an end to monopoly delivered health care.

I am adamant that publicly-funded health care is the way to go but funding of the consumer of health care NOT the suppliers of health care.

These two points would re-prioritize health care toward consumer priorities as opposed to health provider priorities.

And you have had a nice visit to a neighborhood clinic, instead.


The situation was certainly an emergency in that I needed an IV (not available at a clinic) and I do have to take extra precautions with my immunodeficiency. I had not showered in four days...I was in the roughest shape I have been in for a long time and I am often in rough shape.

Having said that, I do agree that not only is funding needed for public health care but also creative solutions...

Certainly, a greater emphasis needs to be placed on prevention, etc.

I don't like the term consumer. I am not purchasing something - I am a human being who seeking the help of other human beings.

In any imagined health care system, one would hope that empathy would play a critical role...I'm not sure you're in a position to question the severity of my health problems...and as someone who has tried naturoptahy, acupuncture, massage therapy, various diets and so on...I find your comment somewhat hurtful.

Sorry, Polly. Not intended to be hurtful at all. Perhaps just hastily or badly written on my part. My point was not at all about your condition ... just used it as an analogous take-off point.

Only tried to state that pouring money will not resolve anything. And that supplier-driven health care (essentially monopoly health care) cannot resolve itself or reform itself. Friends of Medicare seeks to entrench the existing system and I do not support it.

The system is not responsive to health-consumer needs because it is not dependent upon health-consumer feedback.

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