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Bill 43 is outrageous -- I've never heard of such a thing before. Legislatures should certainly not be able to control universities, nor legitimate democratic associations within them.

Some grad students tend to be more conservative than undergrads usually are -- that's true everywhere. But these little men, Ram and Coletto, sound like quite the panting ladder-climbers. What earthly right do they think they have to comment on your blog except as commenters like all the rest of us? They are free to speak, but so are you, and if their speech hints at intimidation, then your first recourse is to publish it and expose their pettiness and ignorance.

I'm very sorry to hear that things have got this bad at my alma mater. The disregard for and sheer ignorance of the basic principles of democracy are frightening.

BA First Class Honours 1967, University of Calgary

Gauntlet April 2 : "This election saw 12 per cent voter turnout, more than double the year before."


Bil 43 is outrageous.

I think many people would be saddened to know how the fabric of academia is changing - there is almost no recognition of the inherent value of education. Learning is a commodity not a fundamental of our ontological being.

I wish you were on the ground organizing, Skdadl. :)

Alison, are you surprised from the increase or the low rate of participation?

A quick comment to let you know you've been nominated for Best Feminist Personal Blog at the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards:

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