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I was told by some students that they could not comment on this entry - I found that comments were open to me and could not find an issue with settings.

I know that some members of the GSA of the U of C feel they have been misrepresented in terms of their position on CASA, as well as with regards to their (implied) political affiliations.

I think the consensus in the political blogosphere is that I likely have one of the blogs with the least amount of comment moderation. (In fact, it has landed me in trouble with some readers as I generally won't censor attacks, language, etc.)

If anyone has problems commenting on this post, please email me at Even if you do not intend to comment yourself, I would appreciate feedback on the comment function.

Very interesting blog post. Since reading about this I have seen that story in a number of campus newspapers. It makes me tremendously happy when signs of democracy seep into the very undemocratic centre. Keep up the good work!

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