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Well if it's only a matter of offering up our "boobs" to the world, I know where we got a more of them. Geez.

All right. In and out. Back and forth. I've come to your blog yet again ... but this time to leave a comment.

I tend to view the activities of Salma and the such as mere fifth grader antics. I suspect that, like you, if I had a million dollars to devote to third world poverty I would apply the effort differently.

I am troubled by first world gestures toward improving the third world. Of course, I am sure there is much that I do not know about but what I do know about saddens me. As does the superficial aspect of Salma's visit.

I'm glad that you've decided to come around my blog, Herbinator. I know we have disagreed in the past...the blogosphere is tough because there are no facial expressions, connections, etc. to aid in communicating through our differences...

I know that I feel that most of what we see in the media casts the Western world as the saviors and source of "aid" for the Third World as opposed to the source of its problems through dispossession and ongoing imperialism.

: )

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