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Happy New Year.
Keep up the great writing.
Don't let the bastards grind you down.
Enjoy the cup of tea.

Cheers, Tom. Happy New Year.

I think it's important to bear in mind that asserting vaginas -- by mentioning them (a la Vagina Monologues), by displaying images of them (as in this embroidering), and so on -- entails objectification of women.

People outside of certain feminist circles also probably find those assertions of vaginas to be downright weird and baffling.

I'm just raising a couple of points here -- without meaning to place myself on some opposing side.

This embroidery (for example) does have merit. Women should be proud of their bodies, and some forms of communication about women's bodies obviously are important; and there are other points that line up with that embroidery.

Obviously there also are various stances on issues like these.

I hate the Vagina Monologues.

Not that it changes your point, but I can't call the image above a "vagina."

Isn't the vagina the canal that runs to the cervix?! When I look at the image above, I see inner and outer labia and a clitoris.

We need a real name for women's genitalia.
We may even have to reappropriate some language.

that image certainly isn't a vagina.

A lot of people use the word "vagina" in the way I did, don't they? The word often is used as a term for female genitalia in general, isn't it?
Yet, the word "vagina" already has a more specific meaning, as you point out; so, yes, another word is needed. I don't have a good suggestion though.

Perhaps that use of the "v" word is an instance of a wider form of sexism.

Perhaps a comparison with the exclusion of lesbians from the word "gay" would make sense; the disrespect, inattention, etc, seems comparable (at the moment).

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