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Regardless of what you think of commercialization of education, CFS is a bloated, litigious, narrow-minded, broken record of an organization that far too often strays from its mandate of defending the interests of students. The more schools that de-federate the better.

Collective rights vs self-interest, that's what so much of our politics amounts to these days with the latter group winning. "Bloated" is a favourite adjective among the right wing and has been used to describe government, unions, arts organizations and now the CFS.

Is this not how the existing and agreed upon democratic structure is suppose to work in this case?

It seems clear that if 800 of the approx 5,600 Grad students willingly signed a petition calling for this referendum, then there is an obvious disconnect between the GSA members and the CFS.

If GSA members aren't happy with their relationship with CFS, then there's nothing wrong with them not wanting their fees to go toward that organization.

Seem like some things are missing from your post:
"Grad students not being heard"

I agree, BY.

Pagan, you're dead on: grad students are not being hear by the GSA.

Daveberta, as you know, political campaigns
can be run on lies...I don't believe that the Alberta Graduate Council offers students a good alternative and I believe that GSA has campaigned using falsehoods rather than presenting a clear political alternative to the CFS. If honest campaigns are pursued and students do not want to be part of the CFS then certainly it is students' right to choose if they want to participate.

I should note, however, that a survey question from the GSA was along the lines of: "Instead of being part of the CFS should we ask Harper directly for funds since he is U of C alumni?"

I'm afraid I don't trust a student government who could demonstrate such political naivete and short-term thinking.

Out of curiosity, what is the difference in membership fees between the CFS and the AGC?

I know that between the two federal lobby organizations, CASA charged around $50 000 a year with a simple exit mechanism and CFS charged around (and I may be wrong) $200 000 with a murky exit mechanism. These numbers would roughly apply to a school of the U of C's size.
For comparison, do you know what the numbers might be?

The CFS de-federation debate is nothing new. Even in the 1980's, some university students' associations were deciding whether or not to de-federate or federate.

The main problem is the contrast in ideologies between the CFS and local students' associations.

Exactly. CFS defederation is nothing new and the organization ought to respect student groups that wish to come and go. Why all the legal issues if they're so confident in their worth? They are the political wannabes. No matter the outcome, I commend the people behind the campaign for making me aware of the debates about this organization that I have paid fees to at three different schools for 10 years.

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