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Don't sweat douchebags like that guy. Some people live in, deal out and trade in hate because that's all they really have or understand.

Besides, you're a REAL blogger until you have a stalker. Welcome to the big times kid. ;)

er... make that "not a real blogger until". Fast fingers + lack of caff = oops.

Dick is a stalker and a bully. It's probably compensatory behaviour to make up for his micro-penis.

Can you file a complaint against him with the police? It's an option worth exploring. Cowardly pricks like him usually run for the hills when women fight back against this form of violence.

From what you've described of his actions, NAMBLA Dick is on a power trip. Unplug his cord, I say.

I'm actually quite surprised that Richard found a way to sink lower than promoting NAMBLA and Stormfront, and making fun of Holocaust victims.

That he saw fit to turn his obvious misanthropy on you when you admit to having difficulties says volumes about him, though. It's a good thing that he was so humiliatingly defeated when he ran for Calgary city council.

He's quite a loser.

Hope you're doing better soon.

Sorry to hear about your challenges.

Why not just shut down this blog, and concentrate on your studies?

You'll keep yourself out of court that way.

Best of luck,

Shouldn't you as a feminist, hell, even as a female, know how to spell ovaries? Or were you referring to something astrological when you said your "overaries hurt"?

Thanks, people.

I sometimes think of shutting the blog down, J, but it comes in handy for publicizing local events,

Smith? WTF? Where do I talk about ovaries or overaries?!

Don't sweat anything that comes from Dick Evans, he's 100 kilos of bragging horseshit in a 75 kilo bag. Even flies won't land on him. He is a waste of oxygen.

Evans is a sociopath. He gets off and is thrilled at all the attention that gets paid to him for being one of the most obnoxious people in blogdom. Don't let the psychic vampires like him or KKKate win by paying them attention. They feed off of your bad energy. Just surrender your "all access pass to KKKrazy-town" by writing one more and final kiss off post and then completely ignore these screeching insane jackals.

There's a very low bar for prosecution of criminal stalking. I would advise being in touch with the police at the earliest possible opportunity.

I read your post in question, and his response. Nothing ever dies on the Internet, and this is no doubt cached somewhere.

You have a log of events that involve Dickie. That should be more than sufficient.

I wish you well.


Perhaps this little article might be of service.

From what you say (and from my memory of him here a few years ago) I can't imagine a more clear cut case.

Hey Polly. Maybe cutting back on the bile a bit would be good, eh? You're getting a little over-wrought.

People are -allowed- to have views different than yours, hating their guts isn't going to change that. That's part of this whole crazy "freedom" thing, right?

The alternative is the "no freedom" thing, where they toss you in jail for saying mean things about Dear Leader. That would suck, don't you think?

So, maybe developing some tolerance for other people's views might be a good thing. For you, that is. Hate is hard on the liver.

I held off commenting here until I had more of a chance to read both blogs, and sort out what is going on. While Richard's suggestion you kill yourself to spare us all was unkind, and undignified, it sure wouldn't be considered a threat. He never said he would take any action. He was venting his frustration at what he perceived to be your screeching.

And you do. I have spent a good while going through your posts, and you really do not present yourself or opinions well. You have the right to disagree with people, but the vitriol you attack them with is amazing. Someone disagrees with you, well they MUST be pigs, scum, idiots, and no end of other insults. You seem unable to abide that other people do not subscribe to your point of view, and then excoriate them for being so self-centered that they do not immediately accept the wisdom of your opinions (and ILL informed opinions I might add).

You accuse Richard of misogyny. Well, look in the mirror. You are no better, and in many ways worse. You sure seem to epitomize the misandry that pollutes so much of the left, and also display an amazing amount of misanthropy.

I would not suggest you kill yourself. Even satirically as Richard surely meant it. But I would suggest staying indoors and not bothering rational, balanced people any longer.

I am certain this will be deleted by your spineless, characterless self.

Put together a brief history of Richard's psychotic behaviour towards you and then phone the police. They will send someone to talk to him and maybe that will be enough to smarten him up.

Polly, this is outrageous. I know how much conflicting advice you must be getting -- "Ignore him" or "Don't sweat it" is fine for the cool guys but very hard to live with when you're not sure just how much irrationality you're looking at; at the same time, calling the police feels like a major step that is hard to take.

As Dr Dawg writes today, though, this may well be criminal behaviour, and Evans should be put on notice somehow. I can't tell you how to do that, but I empathize deeply.

One thing I would not do is ever contact him voluntarily again or respond to him here. I know that may not be enough.

And beyond that, you know how to find me. Drop in any time.

Just stopping by the blog quickly and I will respond to other comments this afternoon...but quickly, Skdadl, I agree fully with what you say...but the ignoring technique has gone on for three years...I plan on resuming it as he seeks a response...

But, there are times that one has to get creative. I remember once that a man chased me off of the underground and down the streets of London...Suddenly, I turned around and charged him while shouting and he ran for his life!

Before I go, I think there is another point that I should clarify: I don't want to sue Evans...I essentially invited him to meet me at the bike racks...

I don't necessarily want to fight him...I just want to say to get a life...He's bugged me for three years and enough is enough.

Also, Hagbard, there is measured social criticism on this site...

I think that if you visited regularly, you would soon distinguish between when I am serious and when I am freakin' fact, did I not knock myself in the original post?!

I mean it seems that tens of people are trying to decide if I am homicidal or suicidal or both...I'm just temperamental...You may notice that I have a "rants" category..which I believe the original post was could check the cache.

And, finally, before I head to the library (alert campus security, CSIS, and Interpol, I would just note that I am not some shining star of the feminist movement or of womanhood...I don't exactly run a popular blog so relax all you haters...

You call for the assasination of your Prime Minister and then wonder what the fuss is all about?

"Ignore him" or "Don't sweat it" is fine for the cool guys but very hard to live with when you're not sure just how much irrationality you're looking at; at the same time, calling the police feels like a major step that is hard to take.

I'll assume (perhaps wrongly) that you read my comment at Dawg's blog. Here's the thing: something ought to be done, no? So, what are the options? If he's not a real threat, ignoring him will serve to not add fuel to his fire. I don't know the history here but I can't fathom that he's really been completely ignored for 3 years and yet still persists. If so, enter the irrational part and if that's the case, call the police.

Or perhaps, since Polly noted that she'd like to keep the blog up to notify people about local events, just focus on doing that (without comments?)

In the end, if things are going to change, somebody has to take the first step and you can't just wait around for the other person to do it. It's about being pro-active and empowered. (Threatening violence or telling someone to shoot themselves is beyond the pale and isn't what empowerment is all about.)

On a personal note, as someone with more than one chronic illness, I understand your frustration, Polly. Just do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Stress and anger don't help.

I took down my pics and eliminated all my personal info from the Internet when harassed by a BNP member. The far right is full of sociopaths and I think we have to protect ourselves from them. By all means go to the police if you feel endangered. In the meantime, Evans lives in Calgary right? Surely some folks there can give this little bully boy a talkin' to or make him an offer he can't refuse...

By the way - I am linking you to my blog. Thanks Evanspenis! Polly made a new fan!

You asked for people not to defend you personally so I won't. But as someone who works extensively with people in extreme suffering that is not of their own making I can tell you without reservation that suggesting suicide to anyone is morally wrong and extremely dangerous regardless of any circumstances, background or context. There are absolutely no circumstances which excuse suggesting suicide to anyone, it is a complete failure to behave like a human being. Further in most countries it is illegal. Did you see that woman in court over the suicide of that young girl in Myspace? This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated anywhere.

I agree with what you're saying, Paul.
There is some discussion of the legalities here.

I also think people have made good points that ignoring someone is not always the way to go...women experience real and serious violence.

I would not recommend that other bloggers handle the situation as I have...perhaps, I have taken it too lightly.

Catnip, I have ignored Evans. I believe that when he first posted pictures of me, I left a comment saying he could Photoshop me all he wanted...otherwise, I have consistently ignored him and banned his ISP.

I read once that when there are slow weeks in the news, shark attacks become the "topic of the week." I think Evans gets bored and I'm his Great White when nothing else is cookin' around the blogosphere.

Thanks for all the positive comments.

To those who say that I am full of anger and hate, please read other months of my blog...I regularly post political analyses which are apparently too boring for anyone to comment on.

Finally, I think it is worth going beyond the specifics of the situation simply to examine how women are attacked. For instance, my sexuality (excess, lacking and otherwise) seems to be a major point of discussion on all the hate-threads. In the past, racist sexism factored strongly in Evans attacks on another blogger.

I just think these things are worth digesting as they point to the mechanisms of control that currently operate in the oppression of women.

Hi, catnip. No, I hadn't read your comment at Dr D's before I wrote here, but I agree with you. It's just that I know, from my own experience, how very hard it is to take the step into public action, and I try not to advise anyone else to do something that I would find stressful, even if I suspect it's a good idea.

Yes, catnip and Polly and others, I think this happens disproportionately to women online, although I know of men who've acquired stalkers.

Short of the police, we don't seem to have a solution. It sure makes a difference, though, when male bloggers like Dr D will stand up and speak out against cyberstalking.


don't be afraid to take legal action just because you said some things you may regret. the rcmp has bigger fish to fry than your empty, so-called threat. dick's menacing behavior should be documented. let the rcmp decide for themselves if you have a case or not; at least the complaint will be on record.


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