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Shorter: It's all about me and my uterus and you have no right to show those pictures in public!!!

I thought the left was supposed to be all about equality. I never heard you complain when anti-war protesters were displaying graphic pics of dead soldiers down at Memorial Park.

Why the double standard?

Well said, Joanne. It's so late right now, I don't having anything else intelligent to say...

Here's something: these people seem to think we live in the U.S. We in Canada have what might seem like a slight--but nonetheless important--difference in our freedom of speech regime: it's called balance. It's called "anti-hate crimes legislation." See David Ahenakew and his comments re Jews. Where an identifiable group is threatened by the speech, where it creates hate and encourages violence against an identifiable group, it is illegal. Period. Carry on.

Silly pro-lifers think that free speech is the same thing as erecting large signs on someone else's property.

Richard Evans - would you support their right to set up a bunch of signs in your backyard?
Campus green space is the backyard of thousands of students, and the prolifers seem to think they can come fence it off and occupy it without even asking for permission.

You deleted the post above so I'm sticking my response to your voice mail in here:



Well, that link didn't turn out right. Try this one instead:

The post should be up there for a few days...

My god sister. Are you still waving your poor me, my uterus is right and yours is wrong because you are pro-life, rant around the net?

For a woman that professes too not trust anything with balls, you certainly like to wave yours around.(like you have some)

When I first landed on your site along time ago I could not believe another woman would go out of her way to let the whole world "Feel my pain" while ranting at your fellow sister's due to their differing out look on life.

I also see the target that you have painted on yourself has gotten considerably bigger and brighter, hence the ongoing efforts of your long time troll Richard Evans.

Illegitimi non carborundum Joanne.

hahaha WOW you're dumb

Are you really going to kill me?

"Are you really going to kill me?"

It depends; do you have a heart to eat?

You are now famous across Canada and most of the world while selling out to what most real woman have been fighting against for years.

It only takes one brain dead over educated bitch like you to put us back One Hundred years.

Thank you, Thank you for proving the supposed modern woman are nothing more that a bitchy person that THINKS they deserve better than anyone else and are looking for nothing more than penis with a wallet attached to it while insisting the ultimate metro-sexual de-balled man is best for a woman.

Have a nice day and enjoy your metro-sexual bitch. Bitch

Are you for real? "re-victimized"?? Who victimized them in the first place? Right, those women victimized themselves. That is assuming that you see women who have abortions as victims? Nice. Or are you talking about "the victims" as in the babies who are in the pictures? You really should be more clear in your use of language, I mean other than your wonderful visual of heart eating. Do you generally practise cannibalism? I'm really interested as a student of psychology here. I've never had the privilege of seeing a real live cannibal before.

Seriously, grow up and try editing yourself before speaking in public. You will generally look less foolish, unless this was you attempting to self-edit. And honestly, wouldn't that be sad. :(

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