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Your post brought back fond memories. Student organising/activism is a totally thankless activity. You quickly realise your are surrounded by apathetic spoiled brats.

However, I take satisfaction that many of the things we were advocating (freeze of university dues, money for job training) actually were implemented in Quebec. Even better, many of (the very, very few) students activist are now public figures with considerable influence.

So keep up the courage and think long term (and perhaps move to Quebec).

I have definitely considered moving to Quebec...and every other province in Canada - get me out of Alberta! But, I am counting on the growing cross-provincial invasion to dilute the toxic conservative air.

I do find that students are apathetic and highly individualistic. "I'm doing great," one says and "I won a scholarship, so I'm OK," says another. Not only do students not feel solidarity with other students, but all fail to pose the critical question: "Who is not on campus to say how they are doing?" Indeed, it is not surprising that the middle- and upper-class students are OK. For the rest, so-called higher education is simply not an option.

Oh well...I'll hang on to the idea of becoming a influential public figure ;-)

The NDP still struggles under the weight of the 'Better Dead Than Red' politics of the McArthy era.

The one thing that they did back then was successfully paint any kind of economic collaboration involving the government as 'communist' - and for a lot of people in their fifties today, that's a pretty powerful message still.

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