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but the living nightmares will continue under McCain or Obama

This is a very true and smart statement Polly Jones
I always admire your insights and deep view points, that are different than the most of the people around me.

Some people seem to fixate on Bush alone
(e.g. "bush lied, soldiers died");
some people focus on a broader Bush administration (that may extend beyond Bush and Cheney);
and some people look to a broader neo-conservatism;
but that's all just the tip of the spear...
or whatever analogy you prefer.


What baffles me is why so people seem to actually believe that Bush writes his own speeches and makes many calls (e.g. about the 2003 Iraq invasion) on his own. Those views are so far, far, far, far, far (etc) from the truth.

To a great extent, the guy's a cog in a machine, or another brick in the wall...
or whatever.

Of course, some people also focus far too much on the Republicans, or the Christian fundamentalists, or some other segment of it all.

I totally hear you...Bush is really just a pin-up for Empire.

I think Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival" is a good related read.

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