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Mmmm .... Viggo Mortensen.

Oh, sorry for that moment of ... ah, superficial and shallow drooling there.

The more I learn of American imperialism, the more I wonder and marvel at how circular and insane its reasoning is.

I once borrowed from the library Zinn's "People's History of the United States of America". Loved it, and hope to get it again so I can even more of it. But it's always out, and I'm in a queue to get it.

Just paraphrasing Pratchett here: "just how illogical logical thinking can be when a big enough committee thinks of it"

Ha ha...VM is a little too pretty for me...I like 'em geeky or beastly.

Troy, a good book is 'New Imperialism' by David Harvey. It talks about the contradictions between imperialism and capitalism.

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