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Kiefer... geez...

He sure has been going in another direction in his acting work.

Ahh, Tommy the old dashing racist. An inspiration to us all.

Hey, while you're there, why not ask Brian why he voted himself a 34% raise. Ye hates capitalism so long as you can grub from the public's purse.

No whore like an old whore, is there Polly?

Mouseland was one of the things that led me from the NDP to market anarchist and left-libertarian.

On Jonothan or Biff...piss off, really.

Jono- How is Tommy Douglas a racist?

Mike- If you are a market anarchist (nevermind whether there is such a thing), wouldn't that make you a right libertarian rather than a left one? Left libs, aka social libertarians, are none too fond of markets.

Speaking of whores, the City of Calgary took down an art exhibit done by former sex workers that they had contracted to put up because one photo contained the word 'whore.'
What exactly is a whore anyway? Someone who takes dirty money? Aren't we all whores then?

Anyway, I am tired, exhausted, depleted...incoherent.

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