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Thanks for sharing the article. It is terrible how Canada continues to ignore the indigenous First Nations when it comes to natural resource development and management. We need to work on giving them an equal voice in these matters.

It is terrible and, to be honest, I have not really paid adequate attention to these issues or worked in any real capacity of solidarity...So, I am trying to start to become more aware of what is going on here in Canada and in Alberta. It is often easier to look to the displacment and exploitation of groups in other regions...maybe, because one feels less implicated.

Anyway, to readers of this thread, I would recommend the former commenter's blog for regular discussion of these issues.

Harvey's book on Neoliberalism is excellent.

On capitalism and imperialism, I highly recommend Global Capitalism and American Empire by Panitch & Gindin.

(That's just off the top of my head. There's another book I'd mention if I could remember the title and author, and then there are others that are just OK or that are more narrowly focused that I could dig up.)

Thanks for the book recommendation. It's also great to post them in the comments sections so that others can benefit!

Great post!

In Alberta, we don't even have to look further than the province's precious oil sands for such injustices...

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