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Omigawd. Too funny for words.

I think we should start a campaign of profuse sneezing anytime a boy/man is marinated in Axe. Sorry dude, instead of having bikini models want to do you, you're going to be covered in a fine mist of snot from that toxic crap!

And Dove can bite me. The body products, that is. Not the delicious chocolates and ice cream bars. I will do the biting there.

Wow. Just when you thought Axe couldn't sink any lower. Repulsive.

i'm still not convinced it's for real FOR REAL, but you've heard of the 'vulva' scent? axe's dirty old uncle:

I don't know if it will be run, but it is from a REAL agency for which AXE is a client.

It is time for a formal boycott.

"Triggering the Grand Irrationality?"

Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

somewhere between the tofu and the unflavored yogurt

contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth.....

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