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You may not be posting too often, these days, but when you do, it's deep, intense stuff.


i may come back to the middle part of your sandwich later, but for this visit, chew slowly the thick, yummy slices on the top and bottom of this post. you are lovely.

ps: that should read "chewED", as in what i did, not as in a directive to others. durrrr...

I had a good response but got 'captcha'-ed five plus times trying to comment on my own blog!!!

No more mother-f'in-CAPTCHA!!!

I would agree that consumerism is a huge source of our stress, and it is a big force that makes us move away from living a healthy life.
But I might not agree as it is the source of unhappiness.
And for sure, I don't agree that people in the past were happier.
Our society grow up a lot with time.
40 years ago, women were asking for their right to have an orgasm.
40 years ago, beating a child was accept socially.
100 years ago, no one can express their sexual desire.
For sure I consider consumerism as a sickness, but it is part of our society growing up.
And in my opinion, happiness cannot be compared between generations, but for sure people in the past had less rights, and didn't have the express themselves individually as we are now.

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