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Well. There's an enterprising youngster.

Part of me wonders how he managed to twist the standard sales/marketing advice to understand your target market into this approach. And the other part of me is still back there at *blink*

I can SEE the logic at work, and yet, man, what an incredibly bad implementation.

Down, skdad. Down! ;-)

Sheesh. I mispled my own handle.

Skdadl, elaborate.

Geeze, I just finished putting in a load of laundry. I swear that for the rest of my life, I'm going to have moments where I think of 'houseboy' with regret.

I mean...if he has a police clearance, why not have "grout lines cleaned" and "bathrooms detailed"???!!!!

Oh, I'm in love with houseboy, Polly. All day, every time I've walked into my bathroom and looked at my crumbly shower stall, I've been thinking, "There's a hot young man out there somewhere who could DETAIL that shower stall." Wah.

i wonder whether he wears a uniform. or none? whatever - give him my number immediately.

I'm sure you'd have no problem literally whipping him into shape!!!

I remember the first apartment I had with my wife. We found a classified ad on the floor, which the previous owner had clipped. It went like, House boy wanted, perform menial chores in exchange for the privilege of pleasuring your exquisite mistress.

I just got me a house girl and I must is amazing to come home everyday to a clean house. She also walks my dogs. Getting serviced is definately a plus.

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