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Inserting greatest cowboy high-noon music here.

This is classic. There can only be one, Polly, and I mean that in the best way possible. :)

Love love love the graphic. You got my vote. Not that it matters. ;)

Not that I am going to bother trying educate the morons on these matters, but has anyone noticed that lumping feminism with 'GLBT' issues (which, by the way, should at least be 'GLBTQ' IMHO) smacks of old stereotype that all feminists are lesbians AND all lesbians are feminists?

Or we're vegetables.

Not that I have anything against vegetables, you understand. And some of my best friends are vegetarians. But really, I thought that was a bit much.

good gawd, whereEVER did you get that graphic? you win. you win this, and Everything.

The image is from graffiti artist, Borf. I think I originally found the image from a great site called 'Visual Resistance'. Here is a link to the artist/image:

I'm in a very screw-the-blog mood these days.

That's hilarious. Love the pic too.

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