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Ah, the joys of Tylenol 3 induced constipation...
Heal well.

I hear re: being in touch with your body and escaping the cult of the busy. I've occasionally had fantasies of smashing my other knee up so I could do that again for a few months. Which is silly, but still. Enjoy it and good luck getting healthy! :-)

Oh, M. Lapin, the T3 is well balanced with antibiotics and ginger root tea...I'm a veteran.

Kuri, keep away from blunt objects...I remember a really good blog post from sometime ago that you wrote about your experiences with doctors...I know I had bookmarked it, but I'm not sure I ever got around to commenting. (I found it several months after it was posted.)

Anyway, thanks to you both for the well wishes :)

Hope you feel better - better enough to enjoy the downtime, but not quite better enough to have to go back to 100% work capacity.

Thanks, RJ. It just sucks because when I do return to 60+ capacity, I have to face the super cult of the busy. And, my life ends up looking like work, sick, work, sick, work,...err, you get the point. Anyway, hopefully this new treatment will work and I'll regain some sort of social life again.

I hope everything is going well for you!

gawd woman, sorry to be late on this. don't think i realized the surgery was happening here and now. hope you're ok. if you are, then send samples of your best meds my way. talk soon. xo

My pill are your pills, P. I'll stuff them in the Xmas bear's belly and send them Fed-ex.

Keep on breathing!

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