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Wow...the scary places you'll go for your readers... ;)

It's fascinating that, even without your wonderful translations, this article is so transparent about using the word "sexy" in a way so unfettered from clear, expected meaning. It is therefore able to be filled with almost anything, provided that anything is about male judgment and, by extension, control of female behaviour.

Not that it has to be used this way, of course...I've heard it used in at least two different (usually by women) in which it seems mostly to be a comment on confidence and poise, in self or another woman, and one (heard very rarely) that is grounded in the speaker owning and exploring the shape of her/his desire in a way that makes it about the speaker rather than a weapon against the spoken-of. But the usage in the article is the most mainstream one, I think.

More like the places I will go to avoid getting down to writing for school!

Usually I only turn on the t.v. for a couple of shows I watch, but the other day I channel surfed and saw some show 'debating' the whole thing...I could only take a few minutes.

The biggest thing on my mind these day is how people's minds are occupied/colonized with nonsense, anxiety-invoking, and consumption-inducing b.s.

I saw a blogpost on Lenin's Tomb that got me thinking about this. I think many of us indulge in long, academic-type discussions of issues on our blogs...

I feel like alternative media that relies on shorter soundbytes to break through the mainstream media sound barrier are needed.

Ideas anyone?

"I think many of us indulge in long, academic-type discussions of issues on our blogs..."

:) I know I definitely do...

"I feel like alternative media that relies on shorter soundbytes to break through the mainstream media sound barrier are needed."

I know what you mean, but I have mixed feelings on the subject. I mean, I completely agree that most of us don't do enough to engage in meaningful ways with people who don't already think like us, in blogs or in the rest of life. On the other hand, one of the ways in which our minds are occupied/colonized means that saying things that meaningfully challenge the status quo is inevitably going to take more space and often require us to articulate ideas for which broadly understood shorthand does not exist, so overemphasizing accessibility and brevity will limit us as well.

What sort of stuff did you have in mind? Are there examples out there already that are close to what you mean?

Well, I don't recommend overemphasizing brevity and I fully agree that often breaking out of the dominant view takes lengthy discussion and involves a lot of thoughtful and time-consuming discussion...I have just read a blog post, for example, at your site that I want to go back to. Certainly, a lot of insights that I've had through blogging have been in taking time to read longer posts, engaging in discussion, reflecting, and returning to issues with new eyes...

BUT, after this process...I believe there needs to be a reworking of ideas into shorter, digestible messages.

For this reason, I love political art because it conveys a message quickly ...yet this message is based on lots of thought, history, and so on. It also may not always be received by all audiences in the intended way...but it cannot go ignored...people cannot just choose not to read.

Two quick examples:

I think the goal is to get less mainstream ideas heard/seen/digested in mainstream places.

One idea I had in mind recently is a facebook application that would function to include such images in boxes on people's profiles.

I think postering in cities is good too...I guess because I have become relatively housebound with illness, I am always thinking of web potential.

you go grrl, bring that SEXY on back! well said.

Hi again Polly...

Okay, I see what you mean, and I agree...that's definitely a phase of the work where we on the left, both in blogland in real life, tend to fall down. I've always been a word person rather than a picture person, too, so even though I kind of know it in my head, in the course of life I tend to forget the power that cleverly constructed images can have in conveying political ideas. It just doesn't occur to me as an option, a lot of the time.

"I think the goal is to get less mainstream ideas heard/seen/digested in mainstream places."

That's the crux of it, I think. And images and other approaches can help do that, but it is still definitely an uphill battle...postering a downtown with subversive images can at least put a dent in people's complacent acceptance that everyone thinks how they do, but how can things like that ever attain even a fraction of the visibility of dominant media like local TV news, Hollywood movies, and sit-coms? (Which I don't ask expecting an answer, just to express a frustration I think we share...)

In any case, this discussion has given me a push to reflect again/more on blogging, its uses, and my reasons for doing it...

Ugh. Good post and nice translations. You could advertise your translation services: "I speak dick"

You're good, RJ!

Maybe, I should add the ability to speak dick to my cv!

Speaking of which, I made the observation the other day to my partner about the large amount of spam that I receive daily in my inbox, a large percentage of which has to do with dick's enlargement. I noted that the world seems to have turned upside down. Whereas a few years back, it seemed that women were the ones frustrated over their natural endowments, today it's the men. I have yet to receive a spam having to do with breast enlargement or lips surgery or whatever else women seem to be doing to their body these days.

I'm thinking there is something to the content of your post. It seems painfully obvious that men's "empowerment" is indeed behind Maxim's dribble. Since only the feeble and flacid, not to mention the weird among them may find some sort of empowerment in putting down women, one must wonder about Maxim's readership!

I think there are very narrow ways of being that are promoted to young women and young men as to what makes you a 'real' man or a 'valued' woman. I also think that men...their wants, desires, needs...are all being commodified more than ever before...

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