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As one would think would be obvious by now (but clearly isn’t given the moralistic grand-standing of our politicians) prohibition doesn’t work. As much as I would like to be able to snap my fingers and make prostitution (and drugs including tobacco and alcohol) disappear, we need to deal with reality.

Prostitution isn’t going away. So, how do we minimize the harm to the workers?

My ideal solution — of those feasible in reality — would be to have a well-regulated industry of worker-owned co-operatives. Ensure security and health-protection for the workers, with them having direct control over their work and no one else profiting off of their labour.

God, let's not make alcohol and drugs disappear:)

I don't think prostitution is akin to drugs, etc. because the person is the commodity.

I don't know if prostituition will never go away...

Certainly, I think we are in a trend towards more of it, including the popularization of commodifying and selling more males.

p.s. I was kind of hoping that someone would show up and take the opposite position.

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