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"If September 11 had never happened, we would have still witnessed its subsequent "consequences," albeit possibly a bit later in time.

What can be considered a genuine a "historic breaking point" is that conjuncture when the capitalist camp conquered the Soviet Union and the socialist bloc."

I have read this analysis before - save I do not recall it being so detailed.

One of the points made was that the USSR was only reformed, not changed, as it already was run as very classed society, with some Party Members having achieved the status of the incredibly rich. The big turning away from socialism was just another instance of this disaster capitalism. A sham crisis, developed and allowed to permit the rulers to come out of the annonymity of the Party and grab the real levers of power without being troubled by pesky lefties exposing them as greedy neo-capitalist.

There is nothing neo about them, that is just what they are in Marx's most daming way.

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