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Deleting comments? Well, that's OK I guess, it's your place after all. Hey! Did you see that I'm running for Alderman in Ward 4?

Better hope I don't win lest folks like you have to justify your positions before you get city funding... No more free rides! No more erring on the side of socialism...

oh yeah, Calgary - home to socialism.

leave less moronic comments and they may not be deleted.

lay off the crack, dick.

Ouch!!! lol

Seem to have hit a nerve or two there...

I know of 4 or 5 conservatives that are contesting the wards of socialist leaning Aldermen and, by the looks of it, public support (based on my own door knocking) is on our side. People are tired of the "bread and circus" being provided by the current council. Tag-a-bag, curb-side recycling charges, the homeless problem that never seems to get solved, the Kyoto bunk that our reps have bought-into, etc, etc...

From here on in you're going to have to work harder to convince the taxpayers to give you their votes and money...

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