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I completely agree. I don't know how consumer capitalism managed to convince people they can shop their way to a just world.

The stupid pink breast cancer products are another example. (buy this yogurt and send us the lid, using a $.40 cent stamp, and we'll donate $.10 to something to do with breast cancer. And who gets the tax credits for the donation? Not the consumer who spent the money.)

Unreal links, RJ.

I think the Pink Ribbon is a great example. It is so sad because profit is being made to find the 'cure' for cancer. Of course, we can't look to the causes of cancer because the trail of carcinogens would lead us right to big business.

One of the most bizarre examples of consume-to-save that I've seen is the selling of wrist bands in Second Life to help make poverty history!

Consumerism is the root of so many of the worlds problems today, we fund our schools through chocolate bar sales sot there is a bigger market for coco and child labour in the coco plantations.

Our endless diet of cheap clothes, cheap toys, cheap electronics, increase demand for mining, production, energy(ghg) and chinese slave labour. The west is shopping themselves into financial ruin and world into ecological collapse and along the way we are legitimizing human rights abuse, and becoming a society of fat lazy uncaring slobs more concerned about what we own than what we think or do, or how we care for each other.

Excellent post.

I do see where Bono and Oprah are coming from: it's better to do something than nothing.

But, as you pointed out, it shows a lack of understanding on the issues at large, and it supports the misguided believe that there's a market solution for every problem in the world; if life was that easy the perfect world would already be here.

Of course Oprah has always been a great contributor to this self-fulfilling prophecy (she will do the marketing for whatever product while tv advertising dollars keep rolling in), but it's sad to see Bono seems to have no problem in being part of such shameful behaviour.

Shopping IS good, for those who rake in the other 90% and the free advertising. And all was well.

Thanks for the comments. GAB, I like when commenters seem even more annoyed than me!

Here's another terrifying example: Buy bottled water to help those who don't have access to water!!!!

Wow. That water thing is fucked up.

Why not drink tap water and send all the money you would have spent on bottled water to support water projects?

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