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All we need now is some “ball tightening gel” to squeeze the balls off the jerks who come up with this crap. And the jerks who promote all the crap around female “purity” and “virginity”. And the jerks who... well, you get the idea.

I don’t think I want to know what kind of toxic effects a product designed to “tighten” a hymen is going to have on the rest of a woman’s body. Yuck!

Mike, you better not be making fun of my abuse of '...' which regular readers will know is frequent!

Grant, I like the way you think.

Effect on women's bodies? Ah I think it's the men who want the effect. Which doesn't really say much for them, does it...hamster hung maybe.

No Polly, I do that all the time...I'm really dumbfounded by this.

Mike, do you know that labiaplasty and vaginal 'rejuvenation'are now among the most popular cosmetic procedures?

It's whack stuff.

I salute the gel though I have not used it and am looking forward to use it one day being 48years with no partner now am looking for one so that when I do my reproductive education to both genders I know what am I talking about.I am more thinking about the victims of abuse,after they have accepted their plight and pain and ready to start to live normally I think with the support of their partners they can use the product psycho-emotional this might
help.the unfortunate part is is not available in most countries

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