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I'm there. I have a feeling that the tall foreheads at the CBC who thought the wish list up in the first place weren't expecting dinosaurs like me to be playing, but wth.

Whenever guys on the make decide that they're going to appeal to "youth," they always do it wrong anyway. That was true in the 1960s, and it's true now. They didn't foresee what would happen to their silly list (it's been freeped), so maybe it's time we patted them on the head and did things the right way. I mean, the left way. Well, you know what I mean.

I know that Student Vote is collaborating with the CBC and Facebook, but other than that I don't see that the project is specifically geared to youth. The info page from the CBC seems to be directed at everyone:

Anyway, I am not exactly a newly hatched hen. And, as you can see by my sidebar, with the link to the group 'Unearthing Paleo-feminism', I think it is the dinos who have all the good ideas!

A project like the Great Canadian Wish List isn't going to create change in ways that other internet phenomena do. Organized groups like BreadnRoses and organic networks between blogs develop over long periods of time and become ongoing places for discussion and exchange. But, hey, it is fun for now and worth a go!

Well, my most immediate wish is that I would kick the insomnia

Insomnia sucks. I have lived with it for about 20 years. I also have treatable heart problems. If I had to choose a cure for one, and only one, of these ailments I would probably choose to cure the insomnia.

I think I came accross the Great Canadian Wish List and the "Abolish abortion in Canada" thread one night at around 3:30 am. I found myself wondering why the initial "wish" wasn't something attainable like "reduce abortion in Canada". At least that might leave room for some common ground between people with differing viewpoints.

Psychols, I am trying St. John's Wort for the insomnia. (I am on day 2.) I have health problems myself and doctors often go back to sleep...Want to know a word I hate? 'Sleep Hygiene.'

As far as the whole CBC/facebook affair, I think there is no common ground for pro-choice and pro-lifers.

"Sleep Hygiene" and "too young to have trouble sleeping" are equally infuriating to me.

Pro-life/pro-choice arguements are based on morality so there is always going to be disagreement. I just happen to think that reasonable people can disagree yet still try to be reasonable.

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