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Ugh. I saw that article. Oh goody, let's go back to 1950.

the suggestion that men are mindless pricks walking around aimlessly looking for the next opportunity to ejactualate is a piss off.

many of us take our responsibilities as partners and fathers seriously. our family is our primary relationship. the men discussed in this article sound like teenagers.

as a grown-up man,and there are many of us, i can manage a career, rubber gloves, and baths for the kids. i'm pretty fricking tired by the end of the day too. if the opportunity for sex arises and both parties are interested, it's more a matter of who got what last time.

not so sexy eh? however, the sight of my wife and kids curled up on the bed on a saturday morning is pretty damn romantic to me. i didn't marry a whore, i can handle the vacuum cleaner and provide amazing results. i bathe my kids, change shitty diapers and go to work. however, i don't drop to my knees for anyone...unless i'm asked nicely.

Very funny comments. Thanks for the laughs...I'm feeling less ready to dropkick someone.

I'm just so tired of these old stereotypes being dragged out all of the time.

I think you're right, Jeff, that these stereotypes are damaging to men as well.

I really believe though that this idea that there are two types of women prevails: 'lady' versus 'whore' or 'good' versus 'bad'.

Now the ideal is a woman who behaves like a 'good' girl most of the time, but brings the excitement of a 'bad' girl to bed.

I can tell you that I definitely feel the pressure from men to reign in my 'bad' side until it's suitable for them!

It just makes me want to throw up.

I think the language of your post is disgraceful.


You've never mentioned a problem with the language I use. You're pissed because I've disagreed with your distorted views of feminism. Get real.

I avoided the article because the title sounded so predictable but my god I didn't think it was this bad.
(Fucking hell - literally).
Since, as Red J remarked, we are back in the fifties, I am not sure if my views as a same sex practitioner count but having had to train a number of men in my time, and more recently having been able to indulge in long conversations with my partner about such de-masculinating details as how he passed his father's emotional unavailability on to his son, I feel I can vouch for both the necessity to debunk this penis worshiping nonsense and to continue to actively ignore the delicate-male-ego apologists.

Sex isn't about servicing men's needs - it's about two people sharing something. That's right, it's about both people.

I remember the one and only time I watched Dr. Phil.

There was one couple in which it turned out the man was a golfaholic. He would play golf all the time, literally sneaking out and lying to his wife about it. One day she asked him to stay home, to, you know, spend a little time with her. He said rather crudely he would stay home if she fucked him. She said "let me get your sweater".

If he went outside the marriage for sex, is it his wife's fault for not putting out?

RJ, don't get me going on Dr. Phil...

"If he went outside the marriage for sex, is it his wife's fault for not putting out?"

Well, according to the Globe and Mail 2007: Yes; it's her fault.

Lept, your input is interesting. These old, polarized views of masculinity and feminity are damaging to all of us whether we partner with those of the same or opposite sex.

I'm afraid that these stereotypes leave us with a view of relationships that involve asymmetrical relations (e.g. one partner is dominant) as opposed to egalitarian and reciprocal ones.

I wonder what Glabe and Mail would say about non-hetero or polyamorous sex? I guess that doesn't even register though.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

If a guy every told me that "the penis rules," he'd be lucky if I let him keep his.

I swear that I looked at my calender today and that it said "2007."

I don't find Mr Highly Evolved so very evolved at all. He's still saying "ALL guys think this way and ALL guys think that way." Which is bullshit.

And I find it hilarious that someone objected to your language. Last time I checked, the word fuck never beat or raped anyone.

So, a word of advice to all those neglected men out there: put on some rubber gloves and get the house clean. Express your 'less masculine qualities' by making lunch for your kids and getting them bathed for the night.

Then drop to your knees and figure out where the clitoris is.

We lady-whores are more than happy to accept some 'stress therapy'.

Ah well, at least men still get administrative assistants to help out when the wifely duties get neglected.

I was shocked to see that advice-column-style article in the G&M. Makes me think more carefully of my choice of subscriptions. But I do love hating Margaret Wente.

I miss wente watch

Sadly, I'm not as shocked by this article as I wish I could be - I hear this kind of stuff from women quite frequently. (ack).

But I love your response to it!

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