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You deleted my comment...

Why do you delete comments that you don't like? Is it possible that you're so completely insecure with your ideas that you have to silence any and all dissent?

Kind of reminiscent of Stalen and Hitler no?

Richard, I banned your ISP a while ago, because other readers were complaining about you.

I am secure with my ideas. You didn't challenge them.

I believe you said that you're glad that I haven't had kids and that I would raise them all to be man-haters.

Engage my ideas, if you dare.

Otherwise, take your swipes at me then scram.

By the way, who is Stalen?

Don't worry, Richard, Maclean's et al, the crazy poet and I will have a whole brood of socialist man-haters within a few years. First, Edmonton. Then, the world! And worse yet, none of them will mow their lawn regularly. Be very afraid.

(Good post, Polly! :D)

Not to mention the dandelions, kuri!

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