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"The Parkland Institute has released a new report which confirms what the average Albertan already knows first hand: middle class Albertans are no better off as a result of the current boom, and Alberta’s poor are actually worse off than before."

I think this sums it up perfectly. Most of my friends have expressed dismay at the declining quality of life in Calgary. Our city is transitioning from a friendly small city to a large business metropolis. I once felt that I lived in the best city in the world. Sadly I no longer feel that way.

Psychols, I am shocked by the changes in the city as well. I will walk in Kensignton and find one flashy car after another passing me by, while people sit homeless in doorwells.

I think governments have to plan for economic developments so that production for profit does not so easily outpace production of basic needs.

I think the Parkland Institute is doing an amazing job of following the key issues for Albertans.

The Parkland Institute has released a new report

Actually, that sums it up even more nicely. The boom makes the poor poorer because "climate change emissions are going up?".

Just some Parkland Institute looneys...move along folks, nothing to see here.

Hey Polly, there's a little something for you here

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