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Amazing. Brings tears to my eyes. :)

The personal really is the political, as they say, and our struggles and movements are so intertwined with our real experiences. This is something that is so different from electoral partisan politics, which is about management and power.

Spaces on the margins also relate to knowledge, as in standpoint theory. Those on the margins have extremely valuable things to say and should never be silenced.

Red Jenny, thanks for the link! Did you notice that is the same book I'm taking from or is that a coincidence?! I definitely think the margins are sites for beginning to understand how systems of power operate. I also think it is a critical idea that margins are spaces of resistance. Especially with international development, there has often been a push for women to be integrated into the mainstream. But, many resist being "integrated" as this robs them of autonomy. I think the link you had on your blog recently to landless workers spoke to this point beautifully.

Indigenous movements like the MST occur in exactly these sites of resistance. They are all about margins, and they are so amazingly inspiring.

Interestingly, Paul Hawken was on Democracy Now yesterday. I find his talks also very inspiring (I saw this one in person - made me cry). Whenever I listen to him I think real change is possible.

He speaks of the largest movement the world has ever seen - by which he means all the different movements going on around the world: indigenous movements, environmental movements, anti-globalization movements, women's movements, etc. These are movements of marginalized people, previously silenced, struggling in their own way, with varied organizational structure.

This means decentralized movementS without centralized power or single ideology. To me this is also the essence of Anarchism.

The most important thing now, aside from working within our own movements, is creating federations, coalitions, solidarity. This allows for both separation and integration, autonomy and cooperation.

Oh, and isn't that funny. I didn't notice this quote from bell hooks came from the same book as the quote being discussed at thinking girl. funny. I am putting in a request at the library right now. Obviously the universe is telling me to read it. ;)

Just this past week, my faith has been restored in blogging. I think that feedbite Paul from Paulitics got going is really good and I've caught up with some other blogs I like.

You happening to provide me a link to something I'm in the process of trying to figure out, reinforces for me that blogging is a good way to connect with people who share similar ideas. It provides info and inspiration I wouldn't have otherwise.

I have always tended away from anarchism because I think we are fed all sorts of sterotypes about it. But, its appeal has grown for me. It is not waiting for the powers above to grant something, but claiming power for oneself.

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