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Thanks for posting this, Polly...and I hope you feel better soon!

You will find an excellent discussion of this issue in a book by Amartya Sen entitled "Development as Freedom" (Anchor Books, 2000). In particular, see chapter 8 "Women's Agency & Social Change". He offers powerful arguments in favour of alternative economic indicators to GDP and GNP. The book is somewhat academic, put worth the effort.

My problem with Sen is that he view waged labour as creating 'capabilities'. I believe some of his work and that of Diane Elson (entitlements) is useful for public policy. Still, I think that from an activist perspective, I like the idea of people resisting development and maintatining subsistence economies and traditional ways of life. Sen's work is also till very pro-development and I am skeptical of this notion of "development". The so-called developed world does not seem that free to me. We are atomized, brain-washed, and highly dependent on the market for our survival...hardly autonomous.

Hi there,

I just stumbled here, and I just wanted to say that I really like your blog :)


Thanks so much. I like your blog too. I first came upon it when you wrote about the controversial (to say the least) piece on the Take Back the Night march that appeared in your university paper.

Keep in touch!

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