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You scored 66% Gender-Abolitionist, 80% Sexually Liberal, and 80 % Socialist

I'm going to take this over to the board. Very interesting.

I think it is good to consider that there are really multiple feminims. Many people tend to lump all feminists as ideologically homogeneous.

I think my gender-abolitionist score was a bit high. I definitely do think there are inherent differences between the sexes...actually, maybe it isn't that high.

You scored 66% Gender-Abolitionist, 60% Sexually Liberal, and 60 % Socialist


I came out "liberal extremist". How ghastly, to be labelled "liberal" anything. :) I have real problems with the questions and the outcomes, but an interesting way of looking at feminism, nonetheless.

"I came out "liberal extremist". How ghastly, to be labelled "liberal" anything."

No kidding.

Yes, some of the questions are off...this is the same site that produces tests along the likes of 'What Superhero Are You?'. But, it's fun and provides some food for thought.

Kuri pointed out a problem with one question over at BreadnRoses

12. In order to help women best, we must drastically reform class-based political systems.
A) Yes, we must totally alter our political systems to help women the best.
B) No, women can best be helped without such drastic measures.
C) False, even such a reformed political system could still oppress women.

I agree with her that economic transformation is necessary to, but insufficient for the liberation of women.

Finally, modified the configuration of the comments section so you can include html...way to leave things for years, literally.

So, see Kuri's and others' comments at BreadnRoses!

This is very interesting though I found one little problem with the results as they weren't entirely a reflection of what I said in terms of answers to the questions. In particular, I always dismissed political considerations or said no to questions asking if we need political change. It is my opinion that there is nothing in the political system that limits women but rather that it is merely this obsession with have with "identity" be derived from groups (gender, cultural, ethnic, etc.).

Other than that point (and it is small given how the comments were phrased) it was pretty accurate and very interesting.

You scored 83% Gender-Abolitionist, 80% Sexually Liberal, and 0 % Socialist

You scored 16% Gender-Abolitionist, 0% Sexually Liberal, and 0 % Socialist

Interesting. Probably accurate. Given my views on feminism, I likely responded in a manner which excluded the need for political reforms and affirmative actions. I'm surprised on a few things, but when it came right down to it I had to admit that political systems have little to do with the way a woman is treated. I feel Canada has enshrined the rights of women fairly adequately, and yet we still have inequality. What this tells me is that women's rights are based on a person-to-person basis, and often can come down to a simple individual choice whether to respect women, or to treat them like garbage.

I was raised to believe that you treat women as you want to be treated, just as I would treat any person. I am more gender neutral that way, and just as I do not identify with racial classifications, I reject gender classifications as well.

The best person for the job, regardless of any other factors. I do, however, believe that to each his or her skill, to each his or her need. In other words, it can be imprudent in some circumstances to create equity in an environment where women do not biologically thrive. Just as there are areas in which men are unequal to the task of performing the skills womens possess.

For that reason, in the test I answered that I do believe there are inherent biological differences that can affect equality. In an ideal world, however, women would balance the scales with those things they excel at.

Adrian, I thought you were a self-described socialist! How can you score a zero on the socialist scale?! Class-struggle involves gender struggle...and race, and nation struggles as well. Yes. We women in the West may have achieved a fair amount of equality (especially if you look only at formal equality - e.g. we have the right to security of person but we still get beat and raped). But, while we go out an enjoy our equality who do you think raises our kids, cleans our homes, raises and packs the food that goes in our M&M meals, and suffers war so we can have fuel for our cars? Many of these people are women; women are part of the class-based struggle.


Socialism is just a label. A quiz doesn't definitively mean anything. For I believe that class struggle is related to solidarity of the worker, and gender becomes a neutral, secondary issue.

We have the ideological ability to grant women equality through political reforms, such as women's suffrage, labour laws, etc, etc... But you are quite right, that women are still subject to rape and beatings if a man so chooses to make it happen. No amount of politics can change the biological fundamentals of who we are as animals. Some men are not raised properly, some are sick in the head, and some lash out inappropriately. Some use their power of placement in society to exploit women, just as the capitalist exploits the worker.

I'll admit that women have retained traditional roles necessary to the survival of the family. My wife often says that there would be no war in the world if men were as busy taking care of children as they were comparing penis size in the locker rooms.


I've written an article deconstucting the test on my blogs.

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