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Great post, there has been lots of comments that Jason's comments were both racist and sexist. That he used an oriental female MP to sell fraudulent behaviour about muslim women who wear 'face coverings.'
This is an old colonial narrative of the white male - as hero- gets to create his supreme subjectivity and his virtue of whiteness, by saving the 'savage' woman from the 'savage' male.
Here he was in a round about way, implying that a male (muslim?) would take the muslim woman's vote by dressing up in her burka.

I am less concerned with Cherniak and moreso with the policy which was supported by the Quebec candidates!

Your point of the colonial narrative is bang on, jfb. I update my links to include a statment from No-One is Illegal Montreal; immigrant women can probably best speak to this issue.

Great comparison. I almost laughed. Botox, heh, heh.

Both of you are bang on, polly and jfb -- great comments. Both campaigns have really made me squirm -- maybe one day some of these guys will realize how they sound.

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