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You've nailed the all-too-common "all it takes is willpower" attitude to illness, which blames the sick for their inability to be well, perfectly. And lots for me to think about in the rest. Thanks.

Excellent post!

In addition to "...justify historical and present social and economic injustices", such aspects also exist to apply a method by which the working class are diverted from class-consciousness and focused towards attacking and dissecting elements of their class instead of their capitalist oppressors.

The use of sexism and racism are further discussed here and here. The same reasoning of implementation also applies to nationalism, which is also discussed within the site.

Oh, no HTML allowed. So visit the aforementioned links and

Tom - I know the 'if you only tried' mentality all too well. In fact, it is so ingrained in our culture, that I find I really have to resist beating myself up with 'self talk'!

Luke - Absolutely, racism and sexism work as mechanisms of social control and lead to 'horizontal violence'. I think these mechanisms also deplete people's political will. I really feel that violence against women makes women more timid and undermines their instincts...

Anyway, thanks for developing my ideas and providing the links!

I forgot to add, the false mentality of "try and you'll succeed" is also described here’t%20Dream%20of%20Being%20a%20Boss,%20Become%20a%20Communist
with regard to the movie The Pursuit of Happiness.

Great blog. "Try it and you'll succeed" is the basis for "The Secret," a current bestseller, written by a white normal.

I'm sure it's a wonderful book and of great comfort to the parents of a young child dying of cancer. Or, as Scott Feschuk (sp?) put it, would have been very helpful to the "silly Jews" during the Holocaust.

It's an offensive ideology, designed to erode empathy. Don't believe it.

Well, I shouldn't be so quick to criticize. Okay ... what do I want? I'd like to appear on Oprah and I'd like to debate E. Fuller Torrey and I'd like to have dinner with Tom Cruise and I'd like to ride an Olympic-calibre showjumping course and I'd like to have British Columbia's Mental Health Act repealed. Okay I want those things. So, obviously, I'm going to succeed. Because I'm going to try. And if I fail, I have "no one to blame but myself."

Such a wonderful article. Really brings in site to the world. People should be more green when it come o taking care of their planet and themselves. I am a health nutt everything I do or take is for the common good of myself. I for instance I have very bad seasonal allergies and I find that Flonase over the counter. which i s all natural takes care of my allergies along with eating honey:)

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