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Right On.

Amen sister. Amen

The What Do I Know Grit.

I should make the top three, at least. See pics back at BCLSB.

Aw... I was looking forward to Polly's list of SUNSHINE boy bloggers. :(


Heyyyyyyy, no fair. I take your comment about top ten lists personally. I just start getting into them and then I find out they are a sign of mediocrity.

I need a new pulling a rabbit nevermind.

What about top 11 lists?

I saw the title and had to comment for some reason.

Why do I get the feeling that some of you would like to be judged on sex appeal?

I have no real problem with top ten lists or mediocrity...

My blog is hardly an example of excellence. A lot of people aren't able to invest all their smarts into their blogs; they have other writing and work to do.

My blog is occasionally thoughtful, but most often serves as a diversion, and sometimes a chance to connect with people...and sometimes a time to get my fight on.

But, there are a bloody ton of smart women out there blogging...and there a several really smart and exceptional blogs out there by men as well as women.

Kinsella, can eat my pie.

Kinsella is obviously hanging in the wrong crowds if he wants to read female bloggers. Yes there are fewer female political bloggers [who join prominent blogrolls anyway] in Canada, and possibly the US too, but I'd argue there are as many women blogging as there are men, maybe more. The difference is the blog content is more heavily in areas men like Kinsella would find entirely boring, and wouldn't visit if his life depended on it.

You've got me thinking, Polly. Sexy is as sexy does, eh? And writing can be sexy.

But when was the last time you read something truly sexy from a Canadian male blogger? Oh, sure, a lot of them can toss off the naughty epithets fine, but I mean sustained, as in steamy.

So why not make that the challenge? Guys who want to make Polly's list have to write a post that gets some hearts (and other parts) a-throbbin'.

For me, sexy is smart. Sometimes someone presents an argument on his blog or in the comments section that is analytical and pushes my own thinking in new directions; that's hot.

If someone writes from the heart and is raw and exposed that is sexy too...but, I don't see a lot of that.

Thank god the blogging world is not our only source for stimulation - intellectual, sexual, or otherwise.

But, hey, I'd get behind this challenge. Takers?

Good line about Ashlee. (That is the correct spelling, by the way. I have all of her albums and enjoy them very much.)

In all seriousness, however, I think you have (a) not correctly read what I have written going back quite a few years (that there is a gender imbalance in the blog world) or (b) deliberately misrepresented what I have written/said.

Anyway, there's precious little I can do about the latter; it's your blog, and you can lie if you want to, lie if you want to (I'm not sure Ashlee covered that one, but it's possible). If it's the former, hopefully what I've ACTUALLY written will make you less angry than you appear to be.

Best in 2007,


In fairness, I made no effort to search for what you've previously written on the issue. Then again, I somehow doubt that you made an extraordinary effort to seek out smart women bloggers.

Your comment is arrogant and ignorant. Why should I be held to a higher standard?

You're right: it is my blog and I will do whatever the hell I want to...whatever the hell I want to...

But, I am always open to feedback.

I may have misrepresented you. I believe you misrepresented women bloggers. If you could provide links to your views on the gender imbalance or articulate them here, I'd be most interested.

Is "lie if you want to, lie if you want to" a nod to It's My Party?

I'm pretty sure the whole "smart" comment was really just a shot at arguably the two most widely read female blggers in the Canadian political blogosphere.

Yes, Saskboy, I believe it is.

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