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Interesting rant today, Polly.

The current government in Ottawa is overtly hostile to anyone who doesn't share their lust for a very masculinized idea of power. (Lot's of "big he-man" posturing, and a war or two to round it all out)

I'm heartened to see people starting to call Harper's government out. (I've never seen a government go from Minority to arrogance without a couple of majority governments in between before)

Yes, great post - a lot to think about in here.

*raucous applause*
This food 'business' is a sore point for me. Anyway, v. good post, as usual!! Best wishes.

on the rare occasion when i go on a date, it's not uncommon for me to foot the whole bill. maybe it's naughty, but i enjoy the thought of him wondering whether he owes me something in return, or whether i expect it. guess i'm into turning tables.

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