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War has a hideous human price attached to it - that there are those who would provoke it in the name of profit is truly appalling.

I am of the opinion that Afghanistan should be left to find its own way.


I am not sure what is the best course of action at this point for Afghanistan.

Some have argued that if Canada and the U.S. pulled out now, warlords would be in a position to take over.

Nevertheless, in my view, this has been an empire-building project. The co-opting of the rhetoric of women's rights to justify the project makes me ill.

Bush and Harper as champions of women's rights? Yeah, right.

Here are some other really good links:

I tend to agree with you though that we just need to get out. I was reading an article recently about what is now known as the Philippine-American war (formerly known as "the liberation" of the Philippines). It was pretty creepy to think that the rhetoric of insurgents was being used at the turn of the twentieth century. I imagine Bush and co. want to put governments in place in Iraq and Afghanistan that will get on board with IMFesque policies.

Powerful post, Polly. I wish I'd read it sooner.

In Afghanistan, I fear, the warlords are already running the show, or at least they are a major influence in Karzai's government. Our leaving wouldn't do much about them since we're not doing anything about them right now.

What we should be doing is leading a major diplomatic push to expose the interrelated war games going on in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. All these things depend on the private agreements between Bush and Musharraf -- there is the source of the wars and the major barrier to peace.

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