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Sadly, it's becoming increasingly clear that the TheoCons within the CPoC are the "power behind the throne".

Harper's "round of spending cuts" is the only way that the current minority can implement their unstated agenda. A close look at the cuts shows that the vast majority were focused exclusively on women's and minority rights.

Taking "equality" of SWC's mandate is but one of many things this government has done to signal to the religious "base" that they are going to put those uppity groups demanding equality under the law "back in their place".

I agree...It is absolutely time to audit the funds that have gone to Status of Women programs!!! Without the Accountability Act the goverbnment cannot even follow the funds that have been handed out. I demand an audit NOW to see where the money has gone. How in God's name can it have cost $5 million in "administration" to implement $10 million in program grants?? Who in heck were these "middlemen" or "middlewomen" who were skimming more than 1/3 of all allocated funds off the top and stuffing their own pockets.
As a taxpayer I am absolutely infuriated.
Oh, and as a woman I demand equality too. I demand that men have their own Status of Men department with the same funding for programs. Anything less would be reverse discrimination.

Harper is very short-sighted to deny more than half of the elecorate country-wide. (Women outnumber men 52% to 48% in Canada.)
Can you imagine a Canada which does not recognize, support and encourage women? This is the government who cut the volunteer programs which helped people (many women) to volunteer. It's not like Harper and Finley cut the non-income of Volunteers... no they cut the coffee and tea money, the community centre rooms for Tuesday old folks' luncheons and get-togethers; the wherewhithal to keep the lights on in a hall basement for a weekly cribbage tournament complete with sandwiches and refreshments, made, served and cleaned up by caring volunteers.
Just take a look at the female roles/sacrificial lambs the Cons have trotted out so far in defence of women:
"women on the ground" Finley, "just wait" Ambrose, "money for nothing" Oda, plus sundry others who haven't so far earned a spotlight in Harper's world.
Harper has no imagination. Harper has no "nation." Canada includes powerful women. We just are not on Harper's radar.
"He's a real nowhere man, making all his nowhere plans for nobody."
Con men and women, meet Canadian men and women. Pay particular attention to the woman behind the curtain.
We're not going to be rounded up and branded, and we're not running away. If Canadian women get branded, it will be after a round-up that the Taliban would be proud of.

Re: Women should be free to choose whether or not to take employment outside their homes

Nothing stops them. Their choice. Choose a rich husband if you need to.

Re: The care of children is a responsibility to shared by the mother, the father, and society

Fuck that. Society has no say (unless I am negligent) in how I raise my children. Similarly, schools are there to educate, not socialize. That is my job as a parent.

Re: The relationship of unpaid work to the economy should be clarified and, perhaps, included in the Gross National Product (GNP)

Why? So unpaid work gets what, paid? By whom? Me, as a taxpayer? Fuck that as well.

re: We want are fucking equality!

Where do women not have equality and equity these days?

>we want men to start taking on an equal share of caring responsibilities.

Then choose a man who has those traits. Please do not label all men with your broad, fascist brush. Don't lilke how a guy doesn't do the housework, then divorce him, and choose better next time. Don't burden society with your poor choices.

re: we now want to turn attention to equality in the "private sphere".

Who is this royal we? And what right have you to interfere in my private life? Heal thyself before you dare even think about sticking your nose iun shit that has nothing to do with you.

Bravo for speaking up on behalf of the women of Canada! For too long, our country has deluded itself into thinking that the fight for women's equality is over. So why is it that women still shoulder the heaviest burdens of poverty, discrimination and abuse? Why are we still expected to take on the worst jobs with the lowest pay, raise our children and run our homes with little or no help from husband or government and face society's scorn for it?

I'm sick of people who say, "quit your whining, bitches. You have nothing to complain about." Talk to me when you've walked on the victim side of the patriarchy. Then maybe you'll actually have something intelligent to say about the subject.

I wish that more Canadian women would write about this. Damnit, it makes me so mad.

YOu said "Harper, you may be ready to remove equality from the government's mandate, but the women of Canada are not"

The reality is that this has not proven to be a significant priority for 13 million Canadian women. Only a fraction of Canadian women hold a position on this and not all those that hold a position have a pro-Status of Women position.

You are certainly free to speak to yourself and you certainly free to speak for those women who feel that your voice is representative of their concerns but I don't believe that you or the Status of Women speaks for 13 million women.

You reside in Calgary. Surely you know women who support Mr. Harper.

No, I don't speak for the women of Canada and that is why I specifically say a new royal commission should be established to assess where women are at and how we should proceed.

By the way, to all the reverse-discriminationers out there, SWC actually does do gendered analyses and collects stats to see how boys and men are faring.

Grog, E Ingram, Pomona... I totally hear what you're saying...And, are these ministers ever sacrifical lambs!!!

YoDaddy, if you think it is okay for me to marry a rich man and stay home, do you then also support single mothers staying home to raise their kids?

The reality is that this has not proven to be a significant priority for 13 million Canadian women. Only a fraction of Canadian women hold a position on this and not all those that hold a position have a pro-Status of Women position.

I suspect that is in part because SWC is relatively low profile publicly.

Additionally, past governments put SWC and other agencies into place to hold the political arm of government to account on topics such as legal and economic equality between the genders. Sadly the CPoC seems in an awful big hurry to dismantle any agency that might question their "wisdom".

I think attitudes are likely to change once the HarperCreep and his allies start going after civil liberties more explicitly - especially those that directly affect women. The "theocon" agenda is not merely hostile to sexual minorities, but also is deeply opposed to any form of birth control - something which by far disproportionately affects women.

Apathy has evolved more than an "anti-SWC" position in Canada. The extreme right-wing is capitalizing upon that apathy (which has been borne out of a series of governments that have been very rights-aware)

As Polly points out, one of the key aspects of the SWC's job has been to measure the current situation. You cannot evaluate progress (or a lack of it) if you do not measure.

I wasn't gonna do it. I was going to leave well enough alone. But then you brought out the signs...

1) You were banned from this site because you are a nuisance to everyone. I guess you're using a new ISP address...

2) Do you think you intimidate me? Am I supposed to curtail my activities?

3) You're an idiot.

Intimidation would be wrong. I prefer merciless mocking...

Whatever floats your boat...

Polly has the signs out again...

YoDaddy - you seem to ignore the fact that Harper's so-called $100 "support" for families, his so-called tax break for the middle class, and his refusal to uphold the Liberals' child care promise was a not-so-subtle way to promote the "traditional" family, screw working moms, and make himself look like a hero in the process.

As a teacher, I am disturbed by your assertion that schools are supposed to "educate, not socialize". Walk a mile in my shoes and you will see that society asks me daily not only to teach my students, but to socialize them.

Even Conservative pundits admitted Harper's cuts were tantamount to "political payback" against groups that the neo-cons hate, do not receive support from, and therefore get a great deal of grief from - women, Aboriginals, and ethnic and social minorities.

By the way - learn what the hell "fascist" means before you label someone with it.

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