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Great post, and great idea for a meme in the first place!

Mine are up (finally). Hey wait, we're tagging people now? Maybe I'll come back to that later.

Great Post Polly.

Mine are up now too, as I see alot of Prog Bloggers are. Fantastic idea.

We might want a variation on this to be directed at the BT directly. Something like "What Feminism has done for even Conservatives".

Stuff like letting you work as an airbrush artist or blog administrator instead of being forced to stay home and raise what ever number of kids your husband wanted.

Nice little, personalized reminders like that...

well done :)

I am looking forward to reading people's responses to the meme as they come up.

Mike, you should maybe just start leaving these personalized reminders on some cons' blogs. I'd like to read those too!

I am certain that many Conservative supporters must not be happy about these cuts. There are feminist Conservatives, right???

Thanks for the meme. I've never done one of these before, but I think I'm suppose to pass this onto 5 people now. I'll do that after school.

Thanks for tagging me. It will make me think a little harder ;)

Thanks Polly! I've posted my "five".

I love your site. Thanks so much for your post, GDK/Hope & Onions

and it all went around and came around.. and this was my post on it.

here's the route it took!

Mad Momma,

Thanks for leaving the link. It's amazing to think that the meme has been passed along all these months and has crossed continents!!!

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