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Adults as a rule rarely listen to the voices of youth. That automatically sidelines the kinds of problems generally associated with younger people. Its funny, really; we ask 18 year olds to die in wars created by 60 year olds – but we as a culture marginalize them to the point of invisibility. Just like the elderly, actually. Interesting that the youths you put the spotlight on target liberals. The more usual target is arch conservatism.

im pretty sure it was a young woman reading the statement in the video..

I agree, FLS, that it is less common to see youth, or anyone for that matter, targeting "liberals". I think it is great because I feel that the neo-liberal policies fucking so many people over in this world are supported by most mainstream parties in most Western countries.

I've ammended the original post - you're right, here here, the group leader/members may be women.

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