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Sounds like you should take a collection and invest the 4200 bucks. See what you can pull out of that barrel.

So what's so wrong with it? Sheesh, lighten up.

Actually, both services strike me as cynical attempts to profit from the insecurities of singles in general.

So what you're really saying is that that you're annoyed because they don't list any men who are willing to be dominated? Am I understanding that correctly?

I live in NYC, and you wouldn't believe the singles crap that goes on here. You're better off meeting women at Coney Island.

And Richard - do I sense a bit of willingness there? A woman to beat you, whip you, make you write bad checks? Google Mistress Sage - she'll whip your ass into shape!

I also read that article, and it gave me the willies. The matchmaker just seemed so slimey in her approach. Nothing like the matchmaker idea I had formed as a child from watching "Crossing Delancey."

It reminded me of a babysitter I once had to nickel and dimed me to death. Instead of talking about how much fun my kids had each day, she tell me how many extra Cheerios she had to feed them to keep them quiet. When it comes to loving relationships (be it with children or a partner), profit shouldn't, at least, SEEM like the focus.

(BTW - I'm no relation to the Sage mentioned in the previous post.)

I respect and understand people wanting to spend money and go to all lengths to find love. And, to a certain extent, we all particpate in making ourselves "marketable". But, I don't treat men like merchandise, nor will I be treated as such.

Notice how people say they are looking for the "package". What happens when an investment goes wrong or you have a sick child?

Sorry, I guess I just believe in a different kind of love.

p.s. RE, I'd actually be pleased to find a man who can hold his ground with me...But, if all else fails, I might try googling Mistress Sage.

I dunno... I have lived in Calgary since 1988... and I married an American and imported him.

Anybody else got Odds stuck in their head now?

"Love is the subject, and nothin else and nothin else"

most people who compained about that article simply don't get the fact that they are "paying" for opening doors they are otherwise too busy to open. I think it is indeed just another way to find someone compatible and is that lady supposed to do that for "free"? Please, i agree with your first comment... lighten up. Or get a job so you can understand that this has everything to do with profit - on BOTH sides of the coin.

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