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My suggestion: Move to Ontario if possible ;)

I don't know...I like my family too much. I might have to import an Eastern man instead.

Well.. any good jobs in Calgary? ;)

Honestly Poly, have you given men any reason to think of you other than a piece of meat? Respect is earned, not given. Further, you're so completely caught up in the victim mentality one has to wonder if you'd even recognise kindness from a male if it smacked you upside the face... I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're a man-hater, and you're going to have to get past that before you have a real relationship...

Man-hater? Some of the dearest people in my life are men - my father, my brothers, my nephews, friends, old boyfriends.

I think that you may be a woman-hater. You're certainly hateful towards me.

If I were "Richard Evans" for a day, I could tell you why he hates women.

But given the extraordinary opportunity of being someone else for a day, I don't think I'd waste it on a learning experience.

Maybe a celebrity. All play and no work could make me a spoiled rich kid. :D

Richard is a "liberal-hater" period, who seems to reserve most of his bile for liberal-minded women.

Well, if I could drink and smoke freely, I would probably hate less.

Hah! I just re-read Evans' comment - "before I have a real relationship"!

Too nuts.

Well, you could try being Herbinator ... but you still couldn't smoke, and you'd get pissed off about all the other things, and no dating, ... but you could drink (micro beers only as they are healthier).

Then I'd have to be you. I could hold up a sign, "Calgary Health Region Sucks!" ... and maybe I will anyway. Thanks for the inspiration.

Keep up the good work.

I'd be fine with no dating if I had a nice wife.

You couldn't misrepresent me though. The sign would have to at least read F*** the Calgary Health Region.

That's right, I said a "real relationship"... You see, a real relationship consists of two individuals, tied by a common bond, working as equals to achieve the same even though they may be doing so in seperate roles. You, Ms. Polly, continnually see yourself as a victim and, as a result, inferrior. Unless you gain some self respect, you will never be an equal and, subsequently, will never experience a real relationship...

Dig into your psych textbooks and study the dynamics of partnerships or, better yet, bring it up with your shrink and see if I'm not correct...

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