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Honestly now luv, I'd really like to know just what exactly is the problem of having the panhandlers go to the appropriate agencies (agencies that you'll be working for when you're done school I may add...) for their assistance instead of individuals on the street? Where is your issue with this? They get what they need and folks like me don't get continually bugged...

Try restating your questions without patronizing me and I will happily respond.

Sure. What about that Albertan motto... there but for the Grace of God go I?

More like: omg, that's a person? who's his daddy? why is he in my face? isn't there a place where people like him go? some agency... somewhere? puhhhlease!

Well...actually...there have been suggestions to make a special park for the homeless in Calgary. But, I don't know how it would be decided who had to go there because not all panhandlers are homeless. Anyway, the motto used to be Calagry: Famous for its Friendliness and now it is Calgary: City of the Stampede and Not-So-Public Spaces.

And, you're right, for all the cowboy machismo that flies around here, it is surprising how scared people are of panhandlers!

"Try restating your questions without patronizing me and I will happily respond."

No patronizing involved Mrs Polly. Those are honest and direct questions. Methinks you avoid them as to not cause yourself grief with an honest answer...

First off, no 'luv' or 'mrs' here.

Why can't panhandlers go to agencies for assistance?

Well, for one, not all agencies offer what they need. Some people panhandle to supplement their income (e.g. people on AISH) to pay for rent. They don't need a spot at a shelter.

Also, you don't need to give to panhandlers. Honestly, I don't know why people find them so threatening. When I've chosen not to give money, I find that panhanlers respond to 'No" a lot better than many corporate Calgary guys I've known.

Finally, with regards to me working at one of these agencies, it is unlikely. However, there are agencies in Calgary who are challenging the CDA's campaign. I believe one of the workers at the Drop-in Centre has been quite critical of the campaign.

Am I wrong in thinking Alberta has a booming economy? If it is booming, then the non-drug addled "panhandlers" should be able to find better paying jobs. There are programs all over the place if they need more education. Secondly, the druggies are free to clean themselves up. I did NOT force them into drugs and I refuse to help keep them doped up! So, panhandlers are not going to get anything from me, nor should they from any other sensible person.

Hey man. Can't say it enough. I'm not telling you that you have to give to panhandlers. But, I don't want ads stuck in my face telling me I can't.

p.s. People are panhandling on top of jobs. Any idea what rent is like in Calgary?

The ads aren't telling you you can't. They suggest that you refrain from giving to panhandlers. Also, I know about rent rates, being from the Vancouver area! And yes, we've got bums from all over canada here for the "nice" weather.

I just want to point out that homeless, panhandlers, people who find themselves in addictions, its not as much a choice as some think it is. Many are there because of problems in life, they are human beings, and we should try to treat them as such. They have names, and they shouldn't be treated as well as you would treat anyone you first meet. Calling them bums, isn't helping anyone, i'm not saying you have to give them money, just saying to show some compassion towards someone who has found themselves in hard times. We never know, when it might be someone we know, or care about, or at somepoint it could be one of us.

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