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Are you really, honestly, truly comparing the manditory wearing of Burkas to high heels? Really? HolyCrap woman! No wonder you have trouble finding a date!

Yes. I really am.

Most women who wear burqas choose to do so.

Stop worrying so much about my love life. You are more interested in it than I am.

The sad thing is, he's so obviously into you.

Into Ms. Polly? Not so much...

I think it's more of a question of trying to figure out exactly what it is behind the victim mentality displayed by the fem-nazi man-haters of Polly's ilk.

More specific to this post however, I simply restated a fact that Polly herself admitted to just a couple of posts down. That she and men don't get along... I also surmised that it could be a result of doing things like absurdly comparing the burka to a pair of high heels.

Now, she can stay true to her malignantly narscissistic form and think that it's all about her and her under-serviced loins but it really isn't...


OMFG did you just really really, honestly, truly, absolutely compare feminism to the people who started WWII and exterminated 6 million in concentration camps!/!1?! REALLY? OMGWTFBBQ!!!1

I actually like stilettos. These things - wearing stilettos or burqas - aren't necessarily damaging in and of themselves. But, they are both part of a web of social practices that oppress women.

What offends me is people co-opting the women's movement to advance their own agendas. I suspect that the Dutch MPs behind this ban are not pro-feminist, but rather anti-Islam.

I wouldn't take any of my comments about my romantic life at face value. In any case, I am not sure that lack of romance precludes sex.

You pose an interesting question, my dear. I see both burqa and stiletto as indicative of the patriarchy. No woman, in her own mind, would have conceived of either device; and wearing them is done solely for the benefit of men - and with sex in mind. Does the Netherlands have the right to ban articles of clothing? Does any society? Does it matter what that clothing is?

I don't have a pat answer to any of this. There are too may variables. Would articles of restraint be considered bannable? How about lack of clothing? Is nudity against the fabric of society (pun intended)? And let us not forget that the burqa, like a chain, is a symbol of lesser status. Should that override any other question of suitability? Fascinating.

"I suspect that the Dutch MPs behind this ban are not pro-feminist, but rather anti-Islam."

You called it. I agree 100%.

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