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It wasn't that long ago I was in a similar situation. It's hard, but keep the faith! How long's your program?

Years...a lifetime maybe.

I really like the work, but I just long for the days that I can focus on an area that is in line with my own interests.

What's it like to have made the big time, RP? Let me live through you!

Ha! I will say this, I was plenty happy this past Christmas time when I didn't have any exams or papers to do.

What do you want to do when you graudate? I know a surprising number of social workers, it seems to be an extreme profession: They're either really happy or really unhappy.

At least they're not dentists I guess (dentists are the profession with the highest suicide rate, followed by lawyers. oh noes!)

Well, I was suicidal before I started grad school in social no worries there.


I actually have no solid professional plans. Oh my god, that is frightening because it is true.

If law drives you to the edge, contact me. I'll put you in touch with one of the good social workers.

Could it get more pathetic? Probably not. heh

RE - Trolling around my sight is pathetic. Get lost!

Who's trolling? It's been months since I stopped by. I was actually expecting some sort of moving post about International Women's Day and how you intended to break your oppressive bonds but you let me down. You're not being a very good femminist now are you?

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