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Thank you for the links. I'm glad you're here, and writing. I have known many women with that 'choice' involving medications, and it is so very difficult. And like many things, hardly considered.

Your point of view regarding Linklater's highly romanticized story is spot on. You have zeroed in on its true flaw - not simply the somewhat misogynistic views regarding beauty and weight; but its linear look at sanity. As you say – ‘madness’ and ugliness are not parasitic – one can indeed exist separate from the other. ‘Madness’, per se covers such a wealth of mentalities – and Linklater presents it in such a simplistic way. Our views regarding the ugly face of mental illness have been set by Victorian images – Bedlam, the Renfield character from Dracula, the whole ‘snake pit’ mythology. Madness is presented as the titular warted witch – usually female, older – unattractive by common youth = beauty standards. Frankly – I find Linklater’s entire approach offensive in the extreme. Paternalistic twaddle masquerading as deep-seated concern. There was no dilemma regarding that girl – she needed the medicine that worked. And her parents didn’t care more for her because she was pretty; if they did – then they bore some of the responsibility for her illness in the first place. Any child who feels they are only loved or appreciated for ephemeral reasons is bound to go inside themselves looking to escape. Anyway – wonderful post, my dear. And I hope you are well, and had a bit of a break. Take care!

Hey Polly- Just checking in. Miss you!

I'm glad you're stopping by the site despite infrequent posting. School and life have me dancing around like a wind-up toy!

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